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MPN Benefits

Partner with us at the level that suits your unique business needs.

Work with existing customers, find new customers

As your business grows, keep track of customers, and make sure they have support contacts.

Sell in CSP

The variety of Microsoft products you can sell through CSP as well as the product bundles you can offer helps you differentiate your business from others.

Manage customer subscriptions

In Partner Center, you can assign licenses, add new subscriptions, offer trial subscriptions, and more.

Microsoft Solution Provider office setting

Grow your business

Create a business profile in Partner Center and Microsoft will showcase your company to customers who are looking for a certified Microsoft solution provider.

Transact in Partner Center

Get more info about reading your bill and using the reconciliation file and learn about taxes and tax exemptions.

Get data and analyze your business

Product analytics will tell you how your customers are using the products they've purchased, helping you to better support them.

Work with other partners

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program offers opportunities for partners to work together to expand their areas of expertise and offerings.

CSP support person


Support your customers

Support your customers by providing billing support and technical support.

Get support from Microsoft

Report problems, check service health, and get automated service notifications in Partner Center.

Additional partner support resources

Explore other support resources such as technical product support, chat, training community forums, blogs and yammer.

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