Join the Partner Center API and SDK Early Adopter Program

Collaborate with Microsoft on the development of Partner features and capabilities

Develop for Partner Center

Integrate your customer, orders, billing, and support systems with Microsoft’s partner account tools.
Get the SDK

Download the Partner Center SDK to build the same features provided in Partner Center in your own applications.

Download samples

Get a console app to help you test, or a web store that’s ready to customize and launch.

Get access

Configure your developer account, and set up Azure AD for authentication.

Test and debug

Use the integration sandbox as a test-in-production environment.

Partner Center reference, instructions and code samples

Common scenarios

Instructions and code samples for all supported tasks using the Partner Center APIs, to help you get coding quickly.

API reference

Detailed reference info for the managed and REST APIs for Partner Center.

Swagger reference

Swagger API reference for Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners that manage customer accounts, place orders, manage subscriptions, billing, handle support requests and more.

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