Microsoft Cloud Germany

Cloud with security lock

Now European Union, European Free Trade Area, and United Kingdom organizations that want the benefits of a data trustee can harness the power of cloud computing with Microsoft Cloud Germany. All customer data and supporting systems are stored in German datacenters. A dedicated isolated network connects the datacenters within Germany. This cloud solution is designed to meet strict EU data protection requirements, and includes a German data trustee that controls physical and logical access to customer data under German law.

Direct reseller

As a direct Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), you provide service offerings, cloud products, customer support and bill your customers directly.

Minimum requirements

  • Service business model
  • Customer support infrastructure
  • Customer billing and invoicing capabilities
  • Ability to scale

Indirect Reseller

If don’t have the infrastructure to provide customer support and billing, you can connect with an indirect provider. This gives you more time to spend with your customers building specialized service offers. Review the authorized indirect providers in your area, to get help with value added services, support and billing.

Additional resources

Learn more about the Cloud Solution Provider Program

Access the Microsoft Partner Network for training, support, and networking opportunities.

Learn about CSP incentives

Learn how to qualify for CSP program Incentives, onboard to the incentives platform, and earn Incentives funds.

Read the Program Guide

This guide defines requirements for reselling products to customers as a Cloud Solution Provider partner.

Review the Partner Agreement

Microsoft requires partners to sign this agreement to join the Cloud Solution Provider program.

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