Learn more about how things work in Partner Center

This documentation can help you figure out how to accomplish key tasks in the Partner Center Dashboard. It includes easy to follow procedures for tasks, and conceptual information to help you understand new concepts and ideas.

Enroll in the CSP program
  • CSP agreements, price lists and offers
  • Customer agreement templates
Microsoft Cloud for US Government
  • Enroll
  • User and license management
Microsoft Cloud Germany
  • Enroll
  • User and license management
Manage your Partner Center account
  • Update your partner profile
  • Create user accounts and set permissions
  • Restore a suspended Partner Center account
  • Reset user passwords
  • Create a marketing profile
  • See offers and pricing
  • Customize the catalog
Grow your business with referrals from Microsoft
  • Create a marketing profile
  • Respond to referrals
  • Read your bill
  • Use the reconciliation files
  • Tax and tax exemptions
  • Set an Azure spending budget for your customers
  • Common billing scenarios
  • Non-payment, fraud, or misuse
  • PSTN Services
Customer accounts
  • See your customer list
  • Add a new customer
  • Update customer account info
  • Create multiple users for a customer
  • Assign support contacts
Customer subscriptions
  • Create a new subscription
  • Assign licenses to users
  • Assign or revoke licenses to multiple users
  • Suspend a subscription
  • Remove a relationship with a reseller or a customer
  • Add licenses or services to existing subscriptions
  • Migrate Dynamics AX subscriptions to Dynamics 365
  • Migrate Office 365 E4 subscriptions to newer Office 365 versions
  • Switch Azure subscriptions to a different partner
  • Get special pricing for offers
  • Increase adoption and satisfaction
  • CSP regional authorization overview
  • CSP regional authorization tenant consolidation
Work with other partners
  • Partner with indirect providers in the Cloud Solution Provider program
  • Partner with indirect resellers in the Cloud Solution Provider program
  • Multi-partner support
  • Multichannel support
  • Request a relationship with a customer
Support from Microsoft
  • Check service health
  • Report problems with Partner Center
  • Report problems on behalf of a customer
  • Get automated service notifications with our APIs
Customer support
  • Provide billing support
  • Provide technical support
  • Customer communication from Microsoft
  • Customer self-support
  • Escalate problems to Microsoft
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