Cloud Solution Provider

Enroll in the CSP program
  • Transition from Pinpoint to Partner Center
  • CSP agreements, price lists and offers
Customer accounts
  • See your customer list
  • Add a new customer
  • Switch Azure subscriptions to a different partner
  • Update customer account info
  • Create multiple users for a customer
Support from Microsoft
  • Check service health
  • Report problems with Partner Center
  • Report problems on behalf of a customer
  • Get automated service notifications with our APIs
Manage your Partner Center account
  • Update your partner profile
  • Create user accounts and set permissions
  • Restore a suspended Partner Center account
  • Reset user passwords
  • Create a marketing profile
  • See offers and pricing
  • Customize the catalog
Customer subscriptions
  • Create a new subscription
  • Assign licenses to users
  • Assign or revoke licenses to multiple users
  • Suspend a subscription
  • Add licenses or services to existing subscriptions
  • Get special pricing for offers
  • Increase adoption and satisfaction
  • CSP regional authorization overview
  • CSP regional authorization tenant consolidation
Customer support
  • Provide billing support
  • Provide technical support
  • Customer communication from Microsoft
  • Customer self-support
  • Escalate problems to Microsoft
  • Read your bill
  • Use the reconciliation files
  • Tax and tax exemptions
  • Set an Azure spending budget for your customers
  • Common billing scenarios
  • Non-payment, fraud, or misuse
  • PSTN Services
Work with other partners
  • Multipartner
  • Multichannel
  • Request a relationship with a customer